Let us introduce you to the breeding mares of Meadow Brook Stables, we have chosen them for their personalities, conformation, train-ability, and pedigree – with color being an added bonus. Our goal is to produce quality over quantity so we only have a few mares and we don’t breed all of them each year. All our mares are broke to ride.

A Tru QT Cruzn To Win
Our Herd Sire.

QTsGold Mastercard
Available for Booking.

Bred Mares
Mares currently bred for a 2019 foal.

Open Mares
Mares not currently bred, or too young to breed.

Past Foals
The foals are the product of any breeding program, we strive to produce foals that have it all – a wonderful disposition, athletic ability, easily trained, correct conformation and a developed pedigree and parents proven under saddle.

Why Our Foals?
Ever wonder what is so special about our foals?