Breeding Information

Standing At Stud Live Cover.

 APHA, PtHA and PHAA listed.


QTsGold Mastercard, 2003 Buckskin Tobiano Stallion, 15hh, 1100lbs. 

February 1st  2019 – July 1st 2019 MC will be standing at Meadow Brook Stables, Nova Scotia, Canada.
We are accepting LIMITED 2018 Bookings For QTsGold Mastercard. 

Live Cover Only

1. Booking Fee – A non-refundable booking fee of $350 CDN is due to assure you of a slot in the booking schedule for the stallion.

2. Breeding Fee – A fee of $550 CDN is due to Meadow Brook Stables prior to the first covering of the mare. This fee, along with the booking fee, is for the stallion’s services. This would make the total $900 CDN. 

3. Mare Care –  Will be paid at the price of $15/day dry mare and $20 day/wet mare to Meadow Brook Stables. Mares will be provided with suitable care and feeding (ow er supplies all feed) while at the facility. The mare owner will be responsible for all veterinarian and farrier expenses while the mare is at the breeder’s facilities.

4. Discounts – We are offering an Early Booking Discount ($100.00 off the $900 Breeding Fee) for any mares booked with a non-refundable booking fee of $350.00 before January 20th, 2018. We will be offering an additional ($100.00) Discount for Proven Mares for any mares that have a Show Record (AQHA or APHA or PAC) with Points Earned or Local Circuit High Point Awards or Provincial Awards.

We are currently only opening MC’s Stud Book to 10 (TEN) mares for the 2019 Breeding Season.

Please contact us today to submit your mare for approval.

Kaila Watters:



Tobiano: TT Homozygous
Red/Black: Ee Heterozygous
Agouti: Aa Heterozygous
Cream: nCr Heterozygous
Grey: NN Negative
Frame Overo: NN Negative
Splash 1, 2, 3: NN Negative


OWLS: NN Negative

HERDA: NN Negative
HYPP: NN Negative
GBED: NN Negative
PSSM1: NN Negative
MH: NN Negative

EVA: NN Negative
CEM: NN Negative