Why Our Foals?


We like to start our foals off to the best possible start and provide them with the best care and nutrition from the point of conception on. We have selectively bred all our foals for their conformation, movement and of course; temperament. They have the added bonus of tobiano coloring. They get used to time spent in a stall, and arena but are turned out in a herd environment with plenty of room to run, play and grow. We handle our foals multiples times a day and are way beyond their years with life experience by weaning time.


All foals are born in an extra-large foaling stall which we are able to monitor with surveillance cameras 24/7; this allows us to not disturb the mare, but to know when it is safe to go out to monitor the foaling from outside the stall. We handle our foals extensively at birth, however, unlike traditional imprinting; as soon as the foal is ready to stand we allow them their first meal, we also allow them to have an undisrupted nap while cleaning up the dam. An attendant (usually Kaila) stays in the stall for a minimum of the first 4-6+ hours post birth. Ensuring that the foal is able to stand, nurse on its own and have passed its meconium. The mare is also monitored to ensure she has successfully passed the placenta and is up on her feet & comfortable with all contractions ceased. During this time the foal is handled hourly, and is quickly accustomed to human presence.


Early on we like to have the foals experience their first lessons outside of the stall. These include body leading exercises and having a variety of different obstacles (tarps, balls, platforms etc) set up in the arena. The foals are exposed to and accept the halter early on but we lead the foals without a lead or butt rope. By our body language and hand positions alone our foals willingly learn to stay with us. Each and every foal is treated as an individual depending on their personality and learning style. They are allowed to learn at their own pace, however we have found their ability to process information as they grow to be better than foals that have not received this early learning. Follow up is the key. Our foals aren’t handled extensively then left on their own. Their life lessons are repeated and become part of their daily routine.


By 4 days old the transition to leading is practically effortless when the lead and butt rope are used for guidance. By the time they are 6 days old, our foals lead independently of their dams and we have already gotten them accustomed to clippers, tarps, bags, noises, loading in a trailer, baths and walking up the road in front of mom and so much more!


Depending on when the dam is ready (usually around 10 days-2 weeks post foaling) our foals learn to pony off of their mothers. This allows us to go on many adventures. By 3-4 weeks old our foals leave their mom’s at increasing intervals to be worked with alone on the trails or in the ring. Separation is done slowly and can be done safely as we know the limits of both our mares and our foals incredibly well.


By 6-8 weeks old our foals can work completely independent of their dams for fairly long lengths of time, whether to work with the foal, or to now leave the foal behind while mom is worked (as all of our mares are also our riding and show horses). Again, we are able to do this safely because we know the limits of our individual mares and foals. At this age our foals quietly tie, cross tie and ground tie. Our Vets love them!


Before leaving the foals would have had their feet trimmed monthly, as well as monthly dewormer and their first two sets of vaccines. Setting them off to a great start with their health.


Our foals are separated for longer periods of time during the day closer and closer to weaning time. We do a gradual weaning process, where for several weeks prior to weaning mom and foal spends slowly increasing increments of time apart during the day in adjacent paddocks. Weaning is less stressful on both the mare and foal and mom produces less milk as weaning approaches. This slow weaning also builds their independence. Drying up our mares is easy and trauma is eliminated.


Our foals are beyond friendly, they are curious, intelligent and mindful of boundaries. Although greatly loved, our foals are never spoiled. They are athletes and friends, looking for soul-mates.


We sell to approved home only and take this very seriously. We screen all prospective buyers and when possible we will visit your farm. References are always checked and we sell all of our foals on a right of first refusal contract. (We are more than happy to also provide references on ourselves). Kaila is here to support new foal owners for the rest of that foals life.


Whether you are looking for an upper level show horse, companion, pleasure mount or soul-mate please call to discuss what you are looking for so that we may best match you up with your new best friend. When ready, we schedule an appointment for you to visit if you are interested in one of our foals. Our main objective is pairing our foals with the most appropriate home, while prices are firm, flexible payment options are available.