A good start isn’t something … It’s everything!” Pat Parelli

Young Horse Handling – Foal to 2 Years Old
$800.00 per month

By starting your young horses learning early you can really set them up for success with our pre-saddle training program making the process so much easier for the horse.  We can often prevent accidents and training issues down the road if we develop positive learned behaviours early on with our horses. This program can be started as early as a few days old, and right up until they are in their 2-year-old year. We can get them prepped for Show as well for Halter, Showmanship, Lunge Line, and In Hand Trial Classes.

Horse Starting – 2 Years Old +
$850.00 per month (minimum 2 months)

Evie (Tru Lee Fabulous) 2016 Filly by our J.R. Stallion Cruz (A Tru QT Cruzn To Win) and out of Rosie (Colored Her Fabulously). 14th Ride. Photo by Ashleigh Benedict

Our goal is to start a relationship with horses so the owner can then develop a partnership that will progress safely and confidently with a willing horse as your partner. By sending your young horse to training to have in-depth ground work done will make them more willing, responsive and confident when it comes time to start them under saddle. They will be introduced to the skills needed to be handled on a daily basis, and to prepare them for their eventual careers whatever it may be. All horses are started using the Tru Horsemanship Training Program: Having them accept pressure on the ground, accept the saddle (placement and wearing it without being tied), accept the rider (as passenger then guider), and accept the bridle (wearing and communicating).

Foundation Training – 2 Years Old +
$850.00 per month (minimum 2 months)

Photo by Malehya Brooks-Murray

Chica with Working Student Angeline working on developing a solid jump.

For the horses that have already been started under saddle it can be beneficial for a more experienced horseman to further your horses education much quicker than someone learning as they go.  This can be helpful if you have hit a difficult patch in your training and need specific help to overcome a problem or you just want make rapid progress in your young horses education. We can progress your horse on the Ground, Undersaddle and at Liberty.

Difficult Horse/Problem Solving – Any Age
$850.00 per month

1501003_784361264963089_8379578987143547559_oIndigo a hard to catch horse learning how to “catch” her human.

We start with the premise that there is no such thing as a “bad” horse, and that “bad” horse behavior can always be understood and corrected naturally if we can see things from the horse’s point of view using the Tru Horsemanship method. Does your horse have bad manners and a general lack of respect for you and your space? Does your horse like to bite or nip? Does your horse run over top of you, barge through gates and out the stall? Push you around and take advantage of you? Balks or refuses to move? Spook and shies away far too often? Won’t cross water? Have trailer loading problems? Won’t stand still (for tacking up, mounting etc), difficult for the farrier or veterinarian to treat? Hard to catch?

What Is Included?

Daily Care, Grooming, Feeding (owner provides feed), Hay, Training (5 days a week or 4 days a week + 1 lesson with owner)

**If your horse requires any supplements or you would like to keep them on a different grain then you are responsible for providing them along with a rodent proof storage container – price of training will not change. **

During the training period, 4 hours of lessons per/month are included in the training fee, in which we will work together with you and your horse. If owner is too far away to travel for lessons then a video update will be provided, and the horse will be handled an additional day (5 days total). Toward the end of the training program, we’ll make appointments for personal instruction with you in order to transfer the cues and exercises so that you can be consistent with your horse’s riding and handling. After successful response to your horse’s training is evident, we will want you to ride your horse while she is still here with us, so that you are able to feel confident in her behavior and response.

** Additional Lessons Available @ $25.00 per hour **

We also send updates every few days to owners that outlines what was worked on in each session and how the horse responded. Pictures are sent weekly, as well as the occasional extra video to highlight a great training moment.

We train at the horse’s pace. We don’t rush them through the program in order to finish up on a certain date. This type of training is not an exact science that we can manage strictly by a calendar.

Our training program takes the horse’s mental, physical and emotional state into consideration. We build trust and confidence and bring your horse through the program in a way that keeps him calm and thinking rather than overwhelming him and making him anxious.

** Please Note: Taxes are included in the above prices. **