Meadow Brook Stables is excited to offer leasing opportunities with some of our amazing lesson horses. Depending on which Lease Option you choose will decide how many rides you have with your Lease Horse that month (1 of which is always a lesson). During Show Season you can have the privilege of showing off property with the Meadow Brook Stables Show Team – we make it out to all of the APHA Approved Shows in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, as well as some Local Fun Shows.

Below are the following lease options and their cost:

2 sessions per week (1 lesson + 1 lease session) = $260.00/month
3 sessions per week (1 lesson + 2 lease sessions) = $310.00/month
4 sessions per week (1 lesson + 3 lease sessions) = $360.00/month
5 sessions per week (1 lesson + 4 lease sessions) = $435.00/month
6 sessions per week (1 lesson + 5 lease sessions) = $460.00/month
7 sessions per week (1 lesson + 6 lease sessions) = $510.00/month

Missed lease sessions will not receive a makeup time unless advanced notice is given and then only at the discretion and scheduling of the Head Instructor. It is the rider’s responsibility to ride their horse at their scheduled time and to make arrangements if they are unable to do so.


  • NSEF Membership for insurance purposes (or alternate provider)

Fees include:

  • The use of a pretty fabulous horse
  • Gear – Hackamore/Bridle, Saddle, Saddle Blanket, Cinch etc
  • Worming program
  • Trimming the horses feet

Access to:

  • Indoor arena
  • Outdoor sand ring
  • Outdoor round pen
  • Miles of Trails

Fees do not cover the cost of items such as:

  • Your grooming kit: brushes, hoof pick, fly sprays etc
  • Your helmet, boots and other personal riding clothing
  • Additional riding lessons (available at our reasonable rates)

The Assessment Process

Of course, we will need to match you up with one of our horses. We ask you to book your assessment and take a morning or afternoon to come to the Stable.

  • Meet you:  Have a chat with you about you, your riding experience and our horse management philosophy.  We will also answer any of your concerns or questions.
  • Meet the herd: We will go out to the herd and meet the horses that could be your potential match.  We will narrow the horse decision down while chatting and engaging with the horses

The Rules

When you sign the lease you will also be required to sign the Meadow Brook Stables Waiver and Liability Release.

  • You MUST be an NSEF member in good standing
  • You MUST wear a helmet when riding
  • You MUST wear proper riding attire (no shorts or sandles allowed!)
  • You MUST ride with a working cell phone but only use it in case of an emergency
  • Riding with a buddy is strongly encouraged
  • All lease riders under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present at all times

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if my horse becomes unsound?  If your horse comes up unsound, we will substitute (after a shortened assessment, free of charge) an alternate while your horse heals
  • What happens if I don’t get along with my horse? If things are just not working out with the horse we have picked for you, we will strive to work with you to find a replacement.  We will conduct a shortened assessment (free of charge) during your elected riding days.  In the end, if we cannot satisfy the rider in you, you can terminate the lease at the end of the current month.

Currently Available

QTS Ris Key Rio – 15 Year Old Grulla Tobiano APHA Mare

Rio is one of our favorite lesson mares because you can put anyone on her, she is safe and quite but also has more forward movement when requested. Show opportunities available for the 2018 Show Season.

Dougs Roses – 14 Year Old Palomino AQHA Mare

Dessi is quite, and dependable, great for Beginner Riders. Has more Whoa then Go. Great for new riders or riders who need a confidence boost. Show opportunities available for the 2018 Show Season.

Color Her Fabulously – 11 Year Old Buckskin Tobiano APHA Mare

This gal likes to lope, its her favorite gait. Rosie is smooth and consistent. No Show Opportunities Available (due to foal April 2018).

Diaman H Riskeys Jet – 9 Year Old Bay Tobiano Mare

Chica is proving to be quite the little hunter pony. She is athletic and responsive. Best for an Intermediate rider.

Dun Tru Perfection – 9 Year Old Red Dun Mare

Tru is a smooth ride, real quiet and laid back. No Show Opportunities available (due to foal March 23 2018).

GA Holly QTDream – 7 Year Old Dunalino Tobiano APHA Mare

Holly is athletic and easy to get along with. Does great with patterns, reining and working cow horse, also loves to chase cows. Show Opportunities available for the 2018 Show Season.

Diaman H Ima QT Cutie – 7 Year Old Bay Dun Tobiano APHA Mare

Trinity is proving that she can really go in any direction – In hand, English or Western, and she likes to chase cows. Show Opportunities available for the 2018 Show Season.

Diaman H Pepps Pepto – 6 Year Old Red Roan APHA Mare

Rue is quite and laid back, but has the get up and go when asked for. She has done stellar showing for her first season this year in both English and Western Events. Show Opportunities available for the 2018 Show Season.