Lesson Horses

At Meadow Brook Stables we have a variety of talented lesson horses that cater to the very beginner to more intermediate and advanced riders. They are all owned by Meadow Brook Stables. We love them all and are sure you will to!

banner_rioRio (QTs Ris Key Rio)
2003 APHA Grulla Tobiano Mare

Rio is a really sweet little mare, she is quiet and willing, and does wonders for our beginner riders. She is very patient and trusting, and loves to stand to be groomed. She has a nice smooth jog, which is a favorite among our riders and is a joy to play with both on the ground and under saddle for students of all skill levels.. Rio also really enjoys lots of yummy treats (except apples) and scratches in her itchy spots.

Rio is available for half lease.

banner_trinityTrinity (Diaman H Ima QT Cutie)
2011 APHA Bay Dun Tobiano Mare

Trinity is eager, keen and willing. She is a great horse for the Intermediate to Advanced riders. She is very unique in the fact that she has one blue eye and one brown eye. Trinity is a fun loving girl who enjoys chasing cows and playing. If you ask her for speed she is usually more than willing to give it to you but she is also content to take a slower pace.

Tru (Dun Tru Perfection)
2009 APHA Red Dun Tobiano Mare

Tru is a laid back mare, not much phases her. She has extensive training in Liberty and Bridleless Riding. For our Students she makes a great mount for all levels of riders, she can be slow and steady for our newbies, and she can provide a challenge for our more advanced rider as she can perform more advanced maneuvers. She has been shown in many disciplines both in hand and undersaddle. She is a sensitive girl and has very limited treats that she can eat – please ask us before giving her anything.

Tru is available for half lease.

Dessi (Dougs Roses)
2004 AQHA Palomino Mare

Dessi is a kind Quarter Horse mare who is slow and steady but can add some get up and go if asked. She loves being out on the trails and exploring though watch out as if you are not paying attention she will make her own paths and go “off roading”! Dessi loves to be brushed and pampered and really appreciates any treats she can find.

Not Available For Lease.

Photo by Malehya Brooks-Murray

Chica (Diaman H Riskeys Jet)
2009 APHA Bay Tobiano Mare

Chica is currently just used for Ground Work lessons but is coming along nicely – we hope to add her into our saddle program soon.

Not Available For Lease.

Photo by Ashleigh Benedict

2009 Silver Dapple Mare

Jewel is our pony we use for our young riders, she is the perfect size for the kids to lead, groom and tack all on their own! She can be both a lead line pony as well as ride along the rail (when the rider is confident and able to steer on their own). She is also an extensive trick pony! She can perform some crowd favorites such as Smile, Yes, No, Bow, Lay Down, Lay Flat, Sit, Spanish Walk and more are being added weekly!