Kaila and Anna met in University and their combined love of quality horses launched Meadow Brook Stables. Originally a Boarding Stable offering Natural Care (24/7 turnout in herds with free choice hay provided to them at all times).  Along the way, they changed their focus from a Boarding Stable to a Breeding, Training and Lessons Stable. The change in focus was due to in part the joy bringing new foals into the world brought to them. Both love being there as they take their first breaths, as well as helping to set them up for a lifetime of success. They started offering more Training to clients as they found there were a lot of horses that were failed by people, or misunderstood and became known as “fixers” where they would take a damaged horse (mentally, emotionally or even physically) and bring them around. Helping them be the best horse they could be. They also started offering lessons, focusing on safety and teaching students how to really read and understand the horse.

Their goal is to be able to continue to grow the herd of APHA and AQHA Horses here in the Maritimes, continuing to add strong proven performance lines, great conformation and athletic ability and horses who have a good trainable mind.


Kaila Watters pictured with Dun Steele N Gunz


Anna Briand pictured with QTS Cruzin Colour