We have very limited 2024 Training Spaces!

Please contact us if you’d like to be put on a wait list.

What Is Included?

Daily Care, Grooming, Feeding (owner provides feed), Hay, Training (5 days a week or 4 days a week + 1 lesson with owner)

During the training period, 4 hours of lessons per/month are included in the training fee, in which we will work together with you and your horse. If owner is too far away to travel for lessons then a video update will be provided, and the horse will be handled an additional day (5 days total). Toward the end of the training program, we’ll make appointments for personal instruction with you in order to transfer the cues and exercises so that you can be consistent with your horse’s riding and handling. After successful response to your horse’s training is evident, we will want you to ride your horse while she is still here with us, so that you are able to feel confident in her behavior and response.

** Additional Lessons Available @ $50.00 per hour **

We also send updates every few days to owners that outlines what was worked on in each session and how the horse responded. Pictures are sent weekly, as well as the occasional extra video to highlight a great training moment.

We train at the horse’s pace. We don’t rush them through the program in order to finish up on a certain date. This type of training is not an exact science that we can manage strictly by a calendar.

Our training program takes the horse’s mental, physical and emotional state into consideration. We build trust and confidence and bring your horse through the program in a way that keeps him calm and thinking rather than overwhelming him and making him anxious.

** Please Note: Taxes are included in the above prices. **


We provide your horses with the best care and facilities while they are with us. Our newly built Training Horse Stalls and Paddocks in 2018 have been a great addition to our facility.

Riding Facilities:

65′ x 130′ –  Indoor Riding Arena – dome lighting.
65′ x 140′ – Outdoor Riding Arena  – outdoor lighting.
60′ Round Pen.
Jumps, poles, barrels, pylons and trail equipment available.

Barn Facilities and Amenities:

Spacious heated tack & feed room
Outdoor wash rack.

Paddock and Turnout Facilities:

Individual Stalls with attached paddocks.
Secure panel fencing.
Crusher Dust Footing.
24/7 Hay and Water (heated water in the winter).