Below is a list of the foals and horses we have for sale by Meadow Brook Stables, we will occasionally list horses for sale by clients. If you are interested in any of the horses offered for sale please Contact Us. Special consideration is given to Show Homes, Natural Horsemanship Homes as well as repeat customers. Please contact us for more information.

2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024 In Utero Foal Sales


2025 In Utero Foal Sales

1 Space Available

2026 In Utero Foal Sales

2 Spaces Available

2027 In Utero Foal Sales

2 Spaces Available

For Sale

At this time we do not have any Horses For Sale. Please contact us if you are looking for something in particular! 

In Utero Foal Sales

This option is for buyers who select a newborn foal and plan to pick up the foal at weaning age. We offer discounts for paying up front in full for your foal, or a non-refundable deposit is accepted to hold your foal for you, and it will be taken off the market. The minimum deposit is 25% of the purchase price. Monthly payments on the foal are required with the full balance due by weaning age. We wean around 4 months old, and you will be able to pick up the foal at this time, there will be no additional charges for feed, or care unless it is agreed that payments are extended beyond the age of 4 months, then board will be charged for the foal.

Foals are given de-wormer every month until weaning at no extra charge, foals will also be vaccinated before leaving the property with Flu, Tetanus, Rhino, EEE and WEE, have their feet trimmed monthly, and started on high quality Purina grain. Extensive ground work is also started.

Vet exams prior to purchase are always welcome, but at the buyers expense. We can all arrange genetic color testing if desired, also at the buyers expense.

Ownership of foal will remain with the seller along with any Registration Papers, Registration Applications, and/or Transfer until after the foal has been paid in full, any board, vet bills and expenses have been paid, and foal has been picked up.  Foal will not be allowed to leave unless paid for in full and all expenses are paid.

We are more than happy to let the buyer choose their new foals name(s).