Breeding Management

Mare breeding services include artificial insemination with fresh, shipped-cooled or frozen thawed semen. Services are provided on an out-patient basis (i.e. trailer-in) or inpatient basis (mare housed at Meadow Brook Stables for the duration of services). $500.00 Deposit is required to be paid to Fundy Vets before any Vet Work will be performed.

The Veterinarians from Fundy Vets determines the optimal time of breeding by ultrasound of the mares ovaries. Routine hormone treatments are administered as necessary to bring mares into heat. Veterinarians from Fundy Vets will determine when semen will be needed to bred the mare and Meadow Brook Stables along with the owners handle the shipping of semen directly with stallion station, veterinarian or owner.

    Thinking about breeding your mare? Preparing prior to breeding season increases the chances of getting pregnant. A breeding soundness exam includes a physical exam, an ultrasound, an endometrial culture and cytology and biopsy sampling.
    The ultrasound is a useful tool for following a mare’s cycle in order to determine the appropriate time to breed. It can also confirm pregnancies as early as 13 days after ovulation.
    Artificial insemination is becoming a popular method of breeding in the equine world. Our team uses several tools, such as portable ultrasound to determine the best time to inseminate your mare to maximize their chance of becoming pregnant. Advantages of artificial insemination include accurate breeding at ovulation, minimal risk of disease transmission, improved safety for your mare and handlers, and the ability to breed your prize mare to a winning stallion that is across the border.


Out-patient Fees – Meadow Brook Stables

$25.00/horse haul In fee – this is for horses that just come for their scheduled appointment and leave when it is completed, these horses do not have a designated stall.
$4.00/day/foal stall fee – this is for foals on their dams side.

In-patient Fees – Meadow Brook Stables

$20.00/day/horse stall fee – this is for horses that are bring dropped off for an appoint later that day or staying overnight.
$4.00/day/foal stall fee – this is for foals on their dams side.

Handling Fees – Meadow Brook Stables

$20.00/visit vet assistant fee – includes haltering Mare, leading the mare, restraining Mare and assisting the Vet with each visit for any In-patient Horses.

$10.00-$50.00/visit difficult horse fee – if your mare requires above the normal handling and restraint or added time a flat rate will be charged per visit. This would be for mares that are excessively fidgety with sedation, that threatens to kick or bite handlers, difficult to lead or tie etc.

Frozen Semen Storage

We have a Storage Tank on Property to house your Frozen Semen Straws or Embryos. We also have a Shipper for Local Pick up and Return.

2023 Storage (per stallion in storage):

  • Bulk Semen Storage: $25 per month up to 2 Breeding Doses
  • Frozen Embryo Storage: $25 per month up to 4 embryos
  • Dry Shipper Rental (per shipment): $100
  • Frozen Semen Handling Fee (per shipment): $50
  • Courier Fee: Truro Fed Ex Facility: $50
  • Courier Fee: West Jet Cargo Halifax International Airport $150

Foaling Management

Meadow Brook Stables will be taking a limited number of clients mares in for Foaling Management. Mares must be booked in advance and a $250.00 Non-refundable Deposit is required to hold the mares space in our Schedule. Before the mare arrives the Foaling Fee and minimum of 1 weeks Board will be charged. We also offer Services for Foal Imprint Training (72 Hours of Foal Handling – multiples of short sessions with the foal. Working on bonding the foal to humans by establishing a relationship of security and trust).

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Foal Raising

Meadow Brook Stables will be taking a limited number of clients mares and their foals in for Boarding and Care. Mares and Foals must be booked in advance and a $250.00 Non-Refundable Deposit is required to hold the mares space in our Schedule. Before the mare and foal arrive one month of care will be billed to Owners. We will also be offering Services for Halter Training as well as Foal Development Training (introducing them to the concepts of yielding to pressure (FQ, HQ, backing), following a feel (for leading in straight lines, around obstacles, circles and various other patterns), obstacle exposure (pylons, poles, tarps, bridges, pedestals, boards etc), Trailer Loading, Advanced Desensitization (tarps, flags, loud noises, other farm animals).

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