We would like to Congratulate their new owners and wish them much success and enjoyment with their new equine partners!!

Foals Sold

Addie (One Step Coosa)

Sold to Natasha Boyle, PE

Archer (It Comes So Naturally)

Sold to Natasha Boyle, PE

Lexi (Roses Hot Chocolate)

Sold to Lori Balderson, NS

Xander (Prince Xander Bar)

Sold to Adelaide Rodgers, NS

Raine (Nice Kinda Raine)

Sold to Nathalie Ellis, NS

Clyde (Governor General Clyde)

Sold to Leigh Risser, NS

Verona (Verona Dirty Banana)

Sold to Adelaide Rodgers, NS

Sevn (All In On Sevns)

Sold to Rebecca Wells, NL

Gemma (QTs Honky Tonk Girl)

Sold to Angela van de Reit, NS

Cleo (QTs Livin RisKey)

Sold to Corinne Carey, NS

Cloud (One Fabulous Cowboy)

Sold to Celine Landry Morris, NS

Evie (Tru Lee Fabulous)

Sold to Dawson Dean, NS

Oakley (QT Watch Me Win)

Sold to Tanya Shields, NS

Nina (Tru Riskey Tobi Nina)

Sold to Karyn Prest, NS

Fiddich (QT Aged TruPerfection)

Sold to Janet Tomilnson, NS

Griffin (QT Watch Me Fly)

Sold to Jamie Ellis, NS

Cass (Qt Be Cruzin)

Sold to Corinne Carey, NS

Nash (Cash For Nash)

Sold to Rita Near, NS

Martini (QTs Cruzin The Barrs)

Sold to the Barr Family, NS

WallE (QTs Fancy Rolex)

Sold to Jasmine Harris, NS

Gypsy (QTSGold Diaman Gypsy)

Sold to Mariah Wedge, PE

Nova (Cruzn To Hollywood)

Sold to Mariah Wedge, PE

Pie (MCs Tru Gold QTPie)

Sold to Courtney Peregrine, Missouri, USA

Abby (Ima Cruzn QT)

Sold to Rita Near, NS

Fira (A Tru Tobi Diaman QT)

Sold to Aaron Near, NS

Vera (Dun it In Rolex)

Sold to Lindsay Maine, NS

Fergus (QTs Gold Diaman Chip)

Sold to Kaitlyn Flemming, NS

Lukas (Lukas Dreamin Of Cruzin)

Sold to Veronique Leblanc, NB

Coco (Jet On Cruz Control)

Sold to Angela Trenholm, NS

Jenga (Ima Risk Taker)

Sold to Mariah Wedge, PE

Bixby (Sheza Sure Tech Whiz)

Sold to Kaitlin Fraser, NS

Zion (Gunz Diamans N Glory)

Sold to Danielle Yorke, NS

Ranger (The Dun Gun Ranger)

Sold to Nele Van Gansen, Belgium

Oscar (Talk Trashy To Me)

Sold to Zoe Fournier and Danica Levesque, NB

Marlowe (Hollys Winnin QT)

Sold to Rain Wimert, Maine

Toby (QTs Cruzn Cadillac)

Sold to Jessica Hartzell, Missouri

Rip (Cruzn For a Bruzn)

Sold to Hillary McGuire, NS

Sol (Suns Guns N Roses)

Sold to Reed Wigglesworth, NS

Soran (Retro Gunn)

Sold to Leagh Huhta, Arizona

Conway (Gunslingers N Coffee)

Sold to Leigh Kershner Nitcher, Missouri

Stevie (Cruzn Peps Dream Gal)

Sold to Heather Patton, NS

Bowie (Streakin N Hollywood)

Sold to Shelia Armstrong, Texas

Highland (Highland Fury)

Sold to Danielle Carabin, NS

Ari (Riskey Cruzn Ferarri)

Sold to Tysha Schofield, NS

Quade (Spooky Town)

Sold to Marie-Helene Mallet, NB

Horses Sold For Clients

Miley (Royals Summer Glo)

Sold to Faye Horne, NS

Blu (Ima Sizzlin BluBoy)

Sold to Barbie Lewis, NS

Benny (Whatta Smokin Hobby)

Sold to the Bungay Family, NS

Adult Horses Sold

Kallie (Yellow Mount FWS)

Sold to Janet Tomilson, NS

Jurni (All About Being Good)

Sold to Hanna MacKenzie, NS

Rosie (Color Her Fabulously)

Sold to Cara Jorgeson, NS

Lena (Julias Delta Flyer)

Sold to Cara Jorgeson, NS

Dessi (Dougs Roses)

Sold to Danielle Yorke, NS