The decision to breed your mare is an exciting and challenging one. At Meadow Brook Stables we offer a wide range of reproductive services alongside the Veterinarians of Fundy Veterinarians Ltd. We will work together to make a schedule and provide care to optimize the chances of a successful pregnancy and foaling.

Artificial Insemination, Fresh Chilled and Frozen Semen

We offer insemination with both fresh chilled, and frozen semen.

For mares being bred with frozen semen, they are welcomed into our facility where they will stay until they are bred and ready to go home. We also have long term frozen semen storage available for our clients.

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Broodmare and Foal Boarding & Care

At Meadow Brook Stables, we take a lot of the guesswork out of breeding and foaling. Our skilled staff are here to assist you with any questions you may have and are able to advise you on your concerns regarding your mare or foal’s care.

Our facility is fully equipped to handle the breeding process from conception to weaning to starting youngsters under saddle.

We offer broodmare outdoor as well as indoor boarding, and on-property foaling out services.

Mares coming to Meadow Brook Stables to foal out receive 24 hour monitoring via camera system, and are also set up with a foal alert system which notifies the staff with a text when the mare begins to foal.

Though some of our clients do take the mare and foal home once they are settled and healthy, many opt to leave them at Meadow Brook Stables where they will be gradually introduced to other mares and foals of the same age in one of our mare pastures, giving them the social environment and herd interaction for best development and maturity.

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Resident Stallions

We have two Resident Stallions that we will be offering Fresh Cooled Semen on in the future. We will also be working towards being set up to Collect Clients Stallions and managing them for their Breeding Career.

A Tru QT Cruzn To Win

Available for the 2024 Breeding Season

Diaman H Trifecta

Available for the 2025 Breeding Season