Meadow Brook Stables has developed a Natural Horsemanship Program that provides a solid foundation for any discipline of riding. Your horse will look forward to the time you spend with him. Our principles and are based on the psychology of the horse, safety, fun, leadership and respect. Educational formats include private lessons, semi-private, small group, workshops and clinics where you can focus on particular skills.

It all starts on the ground, you’ll learn how to read horses and to build a strong trusting relationship based on love, language and leadership. Learn the foundation for everything you’ll ever want to do with your horse on the ground. Then translate it into riding where you will learn to understand how riding without contact helps horses and humans become true partners – confident, relaxed, responsible and connected with each other.

At Meadow Brook Stables we offer instruction in English and Western riding on an excellent selection of school horses, ranging from beginner to advanced level.

For the true beginner (or if it has been awhile) we offer both adult and child introductory courses. Our introductory courses are specially designed for first time riders (as well as novice riders with little formal instructional background.) Our goal for novice riders is to teach students to tack up, walk, jog/trot and lope/canter. Safety is always our priority and, in addition to developing basic riding skills, students will also learn to handle horses from the ground. Stable management lessons will cover such topics as barn safety, basic equine anatomy and health, grooming, and equipment use and care.

We offer a few different programs depending on you or your child’s age and riding experience:

Beginner Riding Lessons

For beginner and novice riders we offer horseback riding lessons for riders age 6 and older. We currently have students from all ages ranging from 6 to 60+, and we welcome students of all ages. You’re never too old for riding lessons.

Tiny Tots – this is specifically geared towards your youngest of riders (aged 6-7). These are offered as Private Lessons only.

Green as Grass is our beginners and novice riders with little to no experience around horses.

Advanced Riding Lessons

For advanced riders we offer semi-private and group lessons. If you have a friend you’d like to partner up with who has the same level of horseback riding experience as you, talk to us to schedule an assessment, if you don’t have a friend wanting to start that fine to and we’ll find a suitable partner for you. These advanced riding lessons include:

Western Riding (Reining, Trail, Pleasure, Horsemanship, Equitation, Dry Cattle Work)
English Riding (Hunter, Jumper, Pleasure)

Ground Work Lessons

Did you know that anything you do on horseback can also be done on the ground? Ground work is one of the most important aspects of horsemanship, and unfortunately one of the most undervalued and underappreciated. Let us help you learn how important it really is, from the ground up! Lessons include:

Basic horse psychology and body language
Correct body language for round penning

Advanced Ground Work Lessons

Advance ground work lessons build on the basic techniques introduced in the first level ground work lessons (above). Our experienced instructors will help you advance your skills in these important aspects of horsemanship. Advanced lesson topics include:

Distance Behaviours

Please send us an email if you are interested in signing up for lessons.